Couples & Relationships

Relationship is a living art form. Like any other art form, it requires practice, dedication and care.

Knowing how to find the cycles that create discord, learning how to be in relationship with yourself and your partner, and nourishing your relationship are keys to generating a healthy and sustainable dynamic.

Each person has a unique world of experiences they bring with them into their relationship. Sometimes when two worlds come together it’s harmonious, other times, it’s not. Maybe you’re embarking on a new adventure together and not sure how to move forward into the unknown gracefully. Or maybe your relationship is easy-going but lately you’ve hit a rough spot and feel stuck. Maybe you’ve been out of step with each other for so long you’re not sure how to amicably re-connect.

Over time, the versions of ourselves we bring into our relationships can change and as they change it can be unsettling to your relationship as you know it.   Maintaining integrity with where you are at in the current phase of your life, feeling autonomy while also committed to connection in your relationship, and intentionally growing together with your partner are all challenges in learning the art form of relationship. 

I offer support in :

  • Communicating with more ease
  • Learning how to argue productively
  • Developing healthy boundaries
  • Understanding yourself and your partner better
  • Moving through places where you feel stuck
  • Creating new relational dynamics
  • Pre-marital inquiries and considerations
  • Transitioning through separations or divorce 

Working together, I will guide you through the rough terrain and support you in developing more capacity in the dynamic art form of relationship.