As a somatic psychotherapist, I value the innate wisdom and intelligence of the body to heal and guide us in our lives.  All of the answers we are searching for already reside within us and my work is to support you in learning the language of your own body, how to listen with increased awareness, and take action in creating a new inner reality. 

Using a body-oriented or somatic perspective – one that integrates the body and mind to allow for consciously experiencing yourself from within – is a practical way in relating to yourself in a new way. When we relate to ourselves in new ways we create new choices.  The choices we give ourselves is key in developing greater capacity for action, transformation and growth.

For instance, what if you knew you were feeling anxious solely on the signals your body gives?   You notice your muscles contract, your breath shortens, and there is a tightening around your heart. Through practice, you’ve learned to recognize the meaning of these signals, what beliefs are associated with them and how to intentionally influence your physical state to create a shift in your experience. Therefore, you choose to soften. Rather than continuing to participate from an anxious place, you recognize your capacity to participate from a more peaceful place. Along the way, you learn how you feel when worried, nervous, or just a little tense and you can choose to move from these places as well.

Life is a series of influences. Incorporating a somatic perspective sheds light on how you can access your deeper wisdom and intentionally influence your inner reality and therefore, your life experience.  Through this practice you increase your capacity of knowing who you are and how to create the life you want.  

How cool is that?!