Individual sessions are focused toward learning what is possible for you and how you can have more creative participation and personal growth in your life.

Working with what is currently influencing or affecting you is the best place to start.  From there, we explore what else is possible and how you can generate these possibilities for yourself.

People work with me to:

  • Participate in their lives in a creative and intentional way
  • Learn how to decrease stress and improve physical health
  • Recover and reclaim lost parts of Self from addiction or trauma
  • Create positive influences in their relationships
  • Know how to decrease anxiety
  • Know how to move out of depression
  • Develop trust with themselves
  • Practice embodiment on the spiritual path
  • Learn, manage, and express their emotions in healthful ways
  • Navigate overwhelming physical changes & life transitions

By expanding how you know yourself from a physical place and increasing your capacity to experience the fullness of who you are, you will learn how to ride your flying carpet through the difficult journeys of life as well as through the places you would like to thrive.

This therapeutic journey is an investment in you! One where its positive effects will touch all aspects of your life moving forward, providing a greater freedom of experience, perspective, and capacity for relating to yourself and others.