How are fees & payments handled?
Payments are made each session. They can be made in cash, check or credit card.

Do you take insurance?
No. Most insurance companies that allow out-of-network services will reimburse you for our sessions. I am happy to provide a statement of services rendered for you to submit to your insurer for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider for their reimbursement options. For more information regarding insurance, click here.

When can I expect to see shifts from my current state?
For the short term, you may feel a shift immediately – starting in the first session.  For the long term integration of those shifts, it depends on what pace works best for you to integrate and practice what you are developing. While our work together is a collaborative effort, you, the client will discover how much and at what pace is manageable.

How long does the typical therapy process take?
In large part, it depends on the person and how they practice our work in their daily lives. I’ve worked with some people who do the work out the gate and have been in and out of therapy in 8 months.  Others want to take more time – 2 years plus – to integrate and apply what they are learning about themselves. It all depends.

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours. If you would like to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please notify me no later than 24 hours prior to our scheduled time. Cancellations made within 24 hours of our session will be charged in full.