Creating The Life You Want

What actions do you take to support you in what you want?

We all want certain things for ourselves.  Maybe you want to feel confident, to be more accepting, to give yourself a break from the “should”, or maybe you just want to take a full hour for lunch…away from your desk!

Taking action toward the things we want is essential in making them a reality.

Start small.

Really small.

Like, tiny, minuscule, cellular small.

Bring your attention to inside of your body  (if this is new to you, don’t worry about getting it the first time, it DOES take practice).  Notice the sensations around your chest, belly, arms, legs, muscles, breath.  Just notice what is happening; what is there.

Take the smallest action in your muscles toward something. Toward ANYTHING.  For example, if you are working on wanting to be more confident, what does being more confident physically look like to you?

SLOWLY bring yourself into that posture, shape, etc.

Make the action smaller.

Go slower.

Make the action even smaller.

Go even slower.

Notice how you take action.

  • What muscles were used?
  • What was your breath like?  
  • What kind of thoughts did you have?

Want to be more accepting? How do you take that action?  What does that physically look like for you?  What does being more accepting feel like in your body?  Do it.  Now, do it again but slower…smaller.   

This is your body showing you how you are creating yourself.  Do your actions support what you are wanting in your life?

Maybe you notice thoughts that tell you this is a bunch of hooey.  Maybe you notice your actions are not supporting what you are wanting.  Go easy.  A lot of thoughts and emotions can come up when you participate in creating yourself in a new way.

Know this : It’s a process, not a solution. 

Even if you take a step in the opposite direction of what you want for yourself – you are still teaching yourself how you take action and where you are starting from.

We have to know where we are starting from to know where we are going.  You have to know HOW you are creating who you are today in order to build who you want to be in the future.

Start small.

Go slow.

Learn how you do you.

Gradually, you will LITERALLY create a “you” that knows how to take actions in creating the life you want.

Now, go IN and take action.   Become who you want to be.  Create a life that is personal to you!

Erika Bennett, MA, LMFT 103068
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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